10 Reasons We Love WordPress

We host websites, we build websites and we market websites.  That is what we do and so we have seen a lot of different website in our time. For that reason, we can quite confidently say that our ‘go to’ platform for building websites is WordPress.  We do not exclusively develop on WordPress, we try and match the right platform to the site we are designing however more often than not, WordPress is the one that both our clients and we pick!

Once upon a time, WordPress got labelled for blogging. In our experience that has actually swung right around. There are better blogging platforms out there but few platforms are better at managing a website.  Here are 10 reasons why the DOWO team and I love WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System)

  1. Flexible & Scalable – As a platform for managing your website (be it business or personal), WordPress is flexible, adaptable and scalable to meet any of your business needs. Whether this is e-commerce, information site or blog it has many extensions and features to help maximise your websites potential.
  2. Digital Marketing Friendly – It’s not only us that love WordPress. The big search engines do too!  Be it Google, Yahoo or Bing; they all love WordPress because the framework is easy to index or crawl. When we develop a website, we try to make our sites as Search Engine friendly as possible.  Unfortunately, the quote from the famous Kevin Costner film ‘Build it and they will come’ does not actually work for websites.  Build it, market it, analyse it, adjust it and market it again and then they are more likely to come would be more accurate!  The fact that WordPress helps in this area at all is a massive bonus.
  3. Easy to Customize – If you have developed your own WordPress site yourself, you will know how simple it is to make quick adjustments. If you employed an agency to build your website they should have created, it with function as well as beauty in mind. The joy of WordPress allows you to manage your site and make adjustments on your own with minimal ongoing support and maintenance.
  4. Security of Users – It is no wonder that WordPress, being such a popular CMS, has hackers lurking on the web trying to target these sites. This is where WordPress security features come into play. While users can embrace some fundamental security measures like not downloading a plug-in or theme from a suspicious site, WordPress keeps updating its software to avert attacks. WordPress comes with an automatic update feature since the release of version 3.7.
  5. Easy to Use – WordPress is easy to use, easy to learn and intuitive. It is so simple that one can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. If you have managed a website before but new to WordPress, you will think Christmas has come early. If you have never managed a website before and it is all new to you, thankfully the fact it is so simple and that there is a huge WordPress community to help you will make the process of managing your site a little easier.
  6. Mobile Friendly – It is 2015 and everything is going digital and mobile so it is vitally important that your website is mobile friendly. There are more people surfing the web on mobile devices than traditional desktops now. With WordPress, you need not worry, as it is mobile friendly and responsive compatible. Make sure you site is mobile friendly using Google free testing tool. If you need help with this get in touch with us today.
  7. Integration – We live in an integrated world with applications and software all linked together.  WordPress integrates with a number of robust platforms available to give your business the required boost. Did you say email marketing campaign? Not a problem because you can use services like MailChimp or Aweber to meet your business needs. Do you require Payment gateways for your product or service?  WordPress integrates great with most payment gateways in the world. Social Media is another key integration that WordPress makes easy and means you can bring your Social Media following onto your dedicated platform to promote your business.
  8. No Commitment to One Hosting Provider – In instances when you cannot manage traffic or simply dissatisfied with them, you can easily switch to a new host or provider. That is because WordPress works well with any server. Hosting is very important for the speed and reliability of your website. If you are thinking of switching your hosting or a starting out and need web hosting; head over to our cloud hosting page to get started.
  9. Gives Your Website a Fresh Look – The beauty of WordPress is that if you wanted to give your website a fresh new look then it can be done without deleting or removing any existing content. All the hard work and effort that has been put into the site is never lost but still used.  It’s like redecorating your room.  The room is still the same but it just looks better!
  10. Happy clients mean happy us!- The final reason we love WordPress is because making life easier for our clients and delivering them results is how we build long lasting business relationship. WordPress as a CMS platform does exactly that.  Therefore, WordPress, thank you for allowing us to be happy by making our clients happy!

Are you using WordPress for your business? If so, what benefits have you reaped from this platform? We would love to hear from you.