Social Media


For lots of companies social media is there simply because they think it needs to be and without strategy it can add no real value to their business. Done correctly social media can be a huge cost effective driving force for new leads and sales.

Social Media Management

Social media management can keep your profiles active, build an audience, drive traffic and create leads…
With the advancement of mobile technology, the internet is just a click away for today’s buyers. More people are willing to do research before they buy from a company. As well as going on Google to do a quick search, more online searchers are looking to social media to get more information about a company and according to Econsultancy “33% of people trust what they read and see on sites like Facebook”.
Social media management can take a lot of your time. Interacting with new followers, creating new campaigns and distributing engaging content can keep you very busy. Being on social media is only effective if you have a daily presence. People want instant responses and you can lose credibility if you fail to login for days.
If you leave the socialising to us you can spend your time effectively within your business.

Facebook Advertising

Social media ads can attract more visitors and convert more leads
Advertisers are expected to spend $14 billion on social media campaigns by 2018. That’s because they are used regularly by millions of people every day and you can target your specific audiences within them.
Some of the ways we use social media ads to benefit our clients are:
Attract more traffic – social ads can improve your traffic is two ways. Firstly, by increasing your following, your posts are seen and interacted with by more people. Secondly, by driving targeted prospects directly to your website.

Amplify your content – social ads is one of the most effective channels for getting your content seen. Creating high quality content is expensive and time consuming, you can use social ads to gain extra visibility for that content and get more of your prospects to engage with it.

Social media re-targeting – do you wish you could target social media ads to your current leads? Well, with social media re-targeting you can re-target your current contacts on social media so they will see your ads on their newsfeed. We use this to drive


Blogging attracts visitors to your site so you can convert them into leads
In recent years, digital marketing has become so competitive, it has made it even more essential for businesses to have a blog. This is because the competitive part of digital marketing is at the bottom of the funnel where only 3% of your customers are ready to buy.
By blogging you can speak to the other 97% of the market who are looking for and considering solutions. It’s your chance to attract the much larger part of your target audience to your site (AND less of your competitors are competing here).
It has become a common reaction for people to turn to the internet whenever they have a problem. Blogs give you the opportunity to provide educational content so that when a searcher goes to find a solution (related to your industry or services), your blog can offer them the answer.
You should see blogging as a key tool for attracting visitors to your site and within those few minutes when they are reading your content, you want to encourage them down the buyers journey with content offers, landing pages and calls-to-actions.
Unlike outbound marketing techniques, visitors access the blog because it has information that is relevant to their needs. Blogs are created to engage with the needs, wants and pains of your ideal customers. To create a successful blog, you need to engage with your readers and offer valuable information to encourage them onto your site. That’s why if you opt for an inbound marketing strategy, your blog will be a powerful means of attracting new visitors who will be interested to hear (read) what you say.