Mobile Forms & Workflow Platform

Embrace the efficiencies that electronic forms and data-driven apps can deliver for your business. DOWO Flow is a platform providing powerful functionality in a simple-to-use, no code platform.

DOWO Flow Key Features

Powerful features across desktop and mobile devices, integrating with native device functionality, all in an easy to use drag and drop app builder that can adapt and grow with your business.

Location Services

Use device based GPS services to know where your team is & what they’re working on.

Intelligent Automation

Automatically send your data to the right system or user, using workflows and structured logic.

Offline Access

Continue to fill out forms without a hitch. When you get a connection, your work will be synced.

Push Notifications

Receive real-time notifications of changes to your data and send push notifications using our API.

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Case Studies

Improving data capture, engineer availability & realtime reporting through use of DOWO Flow.

Find out how Low Carbon made efficiencies of over £100,000 by utilising DOWO Flow.

Find out how DOWO Flow enables a small team to work smarter & more effectively to increase revenue.


The Internet is an energy hungry beast, using approx. 10% of the worlds electricity consumption! At DOWO we want to do our bit to reduce that, and we’re committed to making sure our corner of the web is as green as can be.

100% Green Power

Our server operations are powered entirely by renewable energy. We use Ofgem regulated 100% renewable energy from E.ON; one of the leading renewable generators in the UK to power our super efficient data centre, with a PUE of 1.2.

Tree Planting

We invest in reforestation project across the globe (and in the UK), working with our amazing partners ecologi. As well as our regular commitments we plant a tree for each and every invoice paid, so by using DOWO you’re helping the environment too!

Our Green Commitment

We’ve commited to being as green as possible, and offseting more carbon than we consume every single month. In addition we’re working towards becoming truly carbon negative by “paying back” more carbon than we have consumed since we were founded.

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