4 Digital Marketing Quick Fixes

We’d never say that you shouldn’t make your digital marketing strategy a top priority (come and say hi!), but there are certainly a few things that you can do to help your business do better online while you’re working things out.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of a business re-boot and some quick, simple ways to shake things up, let’s explore a few quick fixes.

Schedule your Content

Being organised and on top of things is one big fix in itself and when it comes to content, being consistent and planning ahead will save you on time in the long-run and put you in line with your competitors. You can always be spontaneous and reactive to current events by posting ad-hoc content, but having a content schedule for planned out content is a great idea. This will help you keep to deadlines and have a decent presence online. 

Tools like Hootsuite are great for planning and publishing content and helping you to keep track. You can plan content and schedule it all in one go for the times that you’ve identified.

Paid Ads

Like the majority of businesses, if you don’t advertise then people aren’t going to know about your business and how brilliant it is. You don’t have to break the bank to advertise online and you can experiment with what works out with smaller paid ads. Facebook Ads can help you to drive engagement, boost sales and push traffic your way. Google Ads are worth investigating as well, but you can’t make them as targeted as Facebook Ads when you’re working with a smaller budget.


It goes without saying, but we’ll say it, learning as much about your customers and audience as possible is one of the best things you can do for your business. There’s always information that you can be gathering that’ll help you to improve your product and services to customers. Look at and analyse the data you have on your customers and conduct focus groups, polls etc to keep learning. You customers are your best research asset, so keep asking them for feedback and info about what they like, didn’t like or feel like could be improved.


Like research, it’s important that you also learn about what works in your marketing efforts via tracking. Use Google Analytics to track your marketing and highlight content that’s performed well so you can create similar content, or repurpose and promote it again. Finding what your audience and customers engage with the most will help you to provide them with genuinely valuable and useful content amongst the rest of the hustle and bustle they’re being pulled towards.

If you’re just starting out in business or don’t know where to start with your digital marketing then it can be confusing working out where to start and what to prioritise. Here at DOWO, we’re on hand to help with all of your digital marketing needs, big or small – get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to chat through your options.