5 Reasons why your Business needs SEO Content

A strong SEO strategy is an integral way to drive customers towards your business and deliver a good customer experience. At its core, a good use of SEO is guaranteed when relevant, useful content is created for users and gives searchers what they’re looking for.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in your SEO strategy and some of the benefits your business will start to see.

Improve your PPC Quality

A quality score is important for your PPC campaigns and your score is influenced by the type and quality of the content that you host on your website. Part of building an effective SEO strategy is ensuring that the web pages and content on your site is optimised for SEO – part of this is using relevant keywords.

When you’re creating and putting together PPC ads, the type of content and keywords you’re using to encourage users to click through to your website can mirror the content hosted on your site for consistency. By aligning content and linking to useful landing pages, the quality scores of your PPC ads will improve and will reduce cost per click costs and boost their effectiveness.

SEO Improves Rankings

One of the most superficial and obvious reasons to focus on your SEO strategy is search engine rankings across providers. It’s clearly very beneficial to your business if you can appear on the first page of search engine rankings. In fact around 70% of searches will result in click-through to websites on the first page. Investing will mean that you’re more likely to appear on the first page and enjoy more traffic.

Boost Offline Conversion Rate

It’s not just online e-commerce that can improve, your offline conversion rate can increase too. A big proportion of searches by users are in order to find out instant information that can lead to an offline visit to a store or business. Having updated contact and location information and a local SEO strategy with extensive listings means that it’s easier for a user to search for the info they’re looking for and potentially visit your business on the same day.

Standing Out

Creating quality SEO content with well-thought and strategic keyword research means that customers are more likely to respond positively to valuable information. This in turn means that your SEO rankings can improve.

On a SERP, there are paid positions, map listings and organic listings and if you can manage to align your keywords with these listings then customers are more likely to click-through to your site and you’ll stand out amongst the rest of your competitors that haven’t got a presence as highly ranked.

Quality Content

Gone are the days where businesses thought they could pack keywords into their content without any care or consideration. Creating good quality, useful content for customers is about using keywords properly and in an effective way.

Quality over quantity is key. Carry out research using surveys, focus groups and customer service insights to find out your customer’s pain points and interests, so you can work on tailoring an SEO content strategy around what they find valuable.

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