Email Marketing Trends in 2021

It’s safe to say that we’ve all got a lot riding on 2021 – the expectations are high because of, well…everything that happened in the year that shall not be mentioned. Most of us are looking to 2021 with a lot of hope and almost a ‘let’s see what happens and roll with the punches’ attitude.

When you run your own business, this can be a tough feeling to keep up, as we’ve all had to adapt in the weirdest of ways and will still have to. There are some things that we can rely on and take stability from though – one being email marketing.

Online marketing has been more important than ever before, especially email marketing. It’s going to continue to be a key source of communication and customer experience for your audience, so going all in and using it as one of your main marketing tools is a pretty good idea for 2021.

What are some of the trends going to be or still going to be?

Interactive Content

There are lots of ways to include creative content in your email marketing and more ways to do this opening up to businesses. Inputting video, gifs, or interactive content can make your emails stand out and more likely for customers to open them or be intrigued enough to engage with your content for longer.

Spending time experimenting with interactive content is well-worth it, it might not work for your customer base or the demographics you’re targeting, but you can do some A/B testing to see whether it’s a good idea to invest in.


Making your emails more personalised and catered to your customers isn’t a new idea, but it’s something to keep on working on and get even better at. When you’re launching a campaign, there are tools and tech that can ensure that the content in your email refreshes and is up-to-date with real-time info for your customers, such as new discounts, offers and products.

Location data can be applied, so that images or references are tailored for where your audience is based.

And even just writing your email copy in a way that makes it sound personal and memorable can be a simple tip that doesn’t take loads of investment – just taking the time to write in an emotive way.

Keep it Simple

Another side of the email marketing coin is to keep things relatively simple and low-tech. Sometimes you can open an email and be bombarded with some glitzy content or a busy page. The messages you’re trying to get across to your customer can be lost if they’re put off by too much interactive content or the device, they’re reading the email on can’t load quickly or completely.

Taking a step back and getting your message across simply and clearly can be much more effective. Good copy and a persuasive story can be just as or more impactful than lots of sparkling, shiny interactive content. Test it out and see what works.

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