How to Increase your Email List for Christmas

We’re sorry for mentioning the ‘C’ word already, but chances are that your business will be looking to improve sales in the run up to Christmas. We don’t need to be the ones to tell you that it’s the most popular time of the year for shopping, so bumping up the numbers on your email list is a good shout to generate more sales.

Email marketing is still one of the best drivers of revenue and although GDPR will have shaved off some email addresses off your list in the last year, there are still plenty of strategies you can use to boost your numbers.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways for you to make your email list a little healthier and hopefully lead to a very merry Christmas for your business (sorry for mentioning it again!).

Strategic Data Capture

Pop-ups can be annoying, especially ones that dominate the whole screen, but if you’re subtle with your data capturing then they can be really effective. One of the best ways to build data capturing into your ecommerce site, is to let customers have enough time to browse and learn about your products.

By creating timed pop-ups, you can introduce them at moments when potential customers have been on your site long enough to have a higher probability of interest. You’ll have built up a level of trust with your customer by this time, instead of bombarding them with pop-ups as soon as they reach your site, before they know about the products and potentially putting them off instantly.

Instead of creating obstacles, your pop-ups should complement what your users have already seen on your site.

You can also use a banner if a user has closed a pop-up – it still gives you the chance to include a discreet option to subscribe somewhere else on the page.

Offering an incentive along with a pop-up is a good strategy too. A discount offered to customers that sign-up usually has a successful opt-in rate.

Transparent Touchpoints

With the introduction of GDPR, it’s more important than ever to be up-front and transparent about how you’ll use a user’s information and email address. With carefully constructed copy and CTAs that give users the info they need, you can start inserting strategic links and invites to sign-up to your email list.

Take all of your touch points and include a short invite to sign-up. Every touchpoint should be seen as an opportunity to boost your subscribers. Transactional emails with customers, social posts, order confirmations etc are just a few moments where you can urge a customer to sign-up. If you have a physical store then you can also ask customers if they want to sign up as they buy.

Employees can also use data capture tools to boost email subscriber lists whilst at relevant events, trade shows or walking around a physical store. Just ensure that employees are up to date with GDPR regulations and have the right information to give to customers who ask how their info will be shared.

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