Why Paid Social should be part of your Digital Strategy

It’s safe to say that you’re probably one of the many people who spend a considerable amount of time on social media apps. They’re a big part of modern life – professionally and personally, as well as our life as a consumer. Seeing sponsored/promoted ads and content on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is a common occurrence – this is paid social.

Brands are using social channels more than ever to improve their engagement, reach and traffic and paid social is an integral part of a successful digital strategy.

Here’s why:

Target by Interest

Lots of data about users can be gathered from the sites and content they engage with. This can be used to help target users with specific ads that fit their interests.

Providing users with relevant ads that add value to their social media feeds means that they’re more likely to engage with your content. Learn more about your users and get more specific with your ad targeting.

Improve Awareness

When you’re a brand that’s just starting out, it can take a long time to improve brand awareness through organic advertising.  Paid social helps you to start increasing awareness and get noticed by consumers more quickly. You’ll reach more consumers and have a higher chance of making an impact in the long-term.

For small business owners, paid social gets fast results. You can get in front of the right people and it doesn’t have to just be people who follow your accounts.

Target by Location and Demographic

Targeting customers by location is a really useful tool for small businesses starting out. You can localise your advertising and focus your efforts on specific areas. Usually there’ll be a minimum amount of users you need to target in an area, but it’s great for location-specific messaging.

You can also target users by age and gender, which can be useful when you’re writing your copy and changing messaging.

Generate Data

Paid social allows you to generate new insights – new info about user interaction, engagement and traffic can help your brand to grow and focus in new areas. You can review different campaigns, A/B test and find which messages work with your customers by looking at click-through rates and engagement rates.

The metrics that you’ll use to measure your ads’ success will help you to assess ROI and make decisions about where you spend your budget. You can easily adjust ad bids and your campaigns, informed by data.


When you use paid social, you can retarget your ads so they turn up in front of the right people again – this time they might make a different decision and interact with your brand. You can add tracking pixels to do this and find customers that have visited your site before. These campaigns usually have healthy conversion rates and are effective at generating leads and sales.

Paid Social in the next few years

We highly recommend using paid social and there will be more and more sponsored content and ads over the next few years, so it’s essential that you work on your targeting of users and become more specific to provide relevant ads.

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