4 ways to tell if your website needs a redesign

Giving your website a face-lift could be the push your brand needs to reach more customers and make more sales. Your site might have assuredly met the needs of your brand and audience at the beginning, but time doesn’t stand still and the rapid pace of digital change means that your website needs to adapt too.

At DOWO, we’re a pretty dab hand at taking your website to the next level. We can provide you with steadfast digital solutions to maximise your ROI and ensure your website is optimised, user-friendly and effective.

So, how do you know if your website needs a re-design?

Slow Loading Times

People aren’t going to wait around all day for your website to load – 40% of visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Harsh, but page delays can really cost your brand in potential sales if it remains super slow. Information needs to be easily accessible with fast and instinctive navigation.

We can do an analysis of how your website is performing, do some speed tests and find out where your pain points are and make improvements to your site, so customers won’t be put off.

High Bounce Rate

You should be paying close attention to your website analytics and if you find that your bounce rate is high, with people visiting your site and leaving quickly – you need to find out why. Are people visiting a specific page and then leaving?

For example, high visit rates on your home page but a lack of traffic on other pages can mean the user experience on your home page is poor. You might not have enough relevant calls-to-action; the copy might be poor and be impacting the customer journey. We know how to optimise and organise a site so the UX is clear and straightforward for users.

Unresponsive Website

If your website isn’t optimised or user-friendly for mobile users especially then your brand is going to miss out. Mobile browsing, traffic and sales are ever-increasing, so making sure your website is mobile responsive is essential. Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop for the first time with 51% of searches being made from a mobile.

A bad mobile experience for users will lead them to exit your site. Constant updates, design tweaks, new features and code modifications are needed, so that the functionality of your website is effective.

Static Content

The copy on your website might be outdated and doing an injustice to your products and service. If your copy isn’t written with conversion rates in mind and fails to be customer-focussed then people will not be compelled to take action on your site.

Is your copy really the best it can be and is it clearly and concisely communicating great reasons why someone should pick your brand? Copy should persuasively signpost your products and services to users.

New dynamic content shows that your brand can roll with the punches and comment on new, innovative changes in your field and positions yourself as an authority in your area. Regular, quality content will help to make your site more visible on search engines too.

Still not sure if your website needs a re-design or not? Contact us today and we’ll assess your website and enhance it to give your brand more leads and sales.