Green Hosting from DOWO Digital

Our Hosting is 100% Powered by Renewable Energy!

Running the internet takes a lot of electricity to keep all of the servers, data stores and networking equipment powered up, and the same again to keep them all cool. To generate much of that electricity, fossil fuels like coal and gas are normally being burned, but not here at DOWO Digital!



Grab one of our tasty web hosting plans and your web site will be just about as green as can be. Our primary UK datacentre, is hosted at Gyron, and is 100% powered by electricity generated from renewable sources. Not a single amp of power comes from burning any kind of fossil fuel whatsoever.

We go even further than that. Not only do our servers hum along on renewable energy, but, through highly efficient design, the facility uses as little electricity as possible to keep everything fully functional. Hot air expelled from the servers is contained and directly extracted from the building, meaning the cooling systems can operate much more energy efficiently. The super efficient water-based chillers additional use ‘free cooling’ technology, which means that when it’s cool enough, the outside air can just be pumped through rather than waste energy keeping the chillers running at full-speed.

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