90degrees to DOWO Digital Hosting Migration

Important Information

This page has been put together by DOWO Digital to provide information on the migration of 90degrees customers to our hosting service.

We have created a simple mechanism to opt-in to this process with the form below. This will get you setup with a new DOWO Digital hosting account and provide access to our client area to manage your account moving forward.

Migration is free of charge, but you will have to purchase a new hosting package for the next 12 months. If you have recently renewed your hosting with 90degrees, then DOWO Digital will credit unused months at the end of your new 12 month package too!

What’s Happening?

90degrees is closing and will cease to offer hosting services. If you hosted your website with 90degrees it is therefore essential that you have either followed the simple process below to migrate your website to DOWO Digital, or otherwise migrated your website to an alternative hosting provider before the 90degrees service ceases to exist.

If you did not host your website with 90degrees, then there is nothing further that you need to do.


Why do I have to “opt in”?

This process is “opt-in” because there is no other legal mechanism for your business data to be transferred to DOWO Digital and for your contract with us to begin. Simply put, we are unable to import your contact data into our systems without your consent to do so, as this would contravene data privacy laws.

To make this process as straightforward as possible, we have developed a form below to allow you to opt in with a few simple clicks.

Completing this process will automatically establish your account with DOWO Digital and allow for the transfer of your existing hosting and domain information to ensure minimal interruption in web service.


Why DOWO Digital?

  • FREE Migration Service and price match for your existing hosting contract.
  • DOWO Digital will credit any unused months of hosting service paid for with 90degrees when you sign up with us (i.e. if you had 6 months left with 90degrees, and sign a new 12 month contract with us, then you’ll get 18 months of hosting).
  • DOWO Digital can also provide (if required) other services including Website Support & Management, Digital Marketing, Office 365 Services & Digital Workflow Apps.