Our Best Black Friday Tips

It’s that time of the year again when the nights are getting darker and Black Friday is fast-approaching on the horizon. It’s an Autumn tradition now, right alongside pumpkin spice lattes and marching through crunchy leaves.

The hype has definitely calmed down since it arrived in the UK a few years ago and that’s in large part due to the jostling for attention online with discounts all-year-round, but it’s still a big shopping event in the calendar for lots of savvy shoppers. Making sure your business is ready to take advantage of more eyes on your online shop is worthwhile.

More than a Discount

Yes, the point of Black Friday is for customers to grab a bargain and to enjoy lots of discounts and reduced prices, but you can also provide them with something extra so that you can stand out from the crowd on a very crowded day.

This could mean all manner of things, but it could be a special one-off product that you won’t be releasing again, complimentary gift, a bonus booking – basically anything that adds a bit more value to your usual offering to customers.

You can do this through adding a bit more personality to your email marketing campaigns and social media output and going the extra mile for your customers. It can help to boost loyalty and increase the chances of them coming back again if they feel they’ve been treated with an extra special touch!

Make Customers Feel Important

Black Friday isn’t just about attracting new sparkly customers either, it’s about making your existing customers feel even more special and valued, your V.I.Ps if you like. It pays to reward loyalty to your brand, so you could give existing customers a chance to buy products first, get a better discount, exclusive discounts, free delivery…there’s loads of ways that you can make them feel valued and give them a great deal in the process.

It’s all about giving customers more reasons to buy from you again and pass on the message to others. People appreciate it when brands make them feel…appreciated, so shower them with as many perks as you can afford to!


One of the best ways to ensure that you’re delivering loyal customers with even more incentives to stick with you is having good data segmentation strategies in place. This means that you can send good personalised offers to customers i.e a recommendation for a Black Friday product based on their past purchasing history and behaviour. Taking your data and making sure you use it properly is one of the best ways to make your customers feel as if you genuinely offer them valuable product recommendations, instead of random stuff or things they might have bought before!

Good luck out there, plan your campaigns and if you need any help with data segmentation or any of the things that we’ve mentioned to make sure your Black Friday goes off with a bang, get in touch with us at DOWO today.