Are you Prioritising Mobile Marketing enough?

Everyone’s been banging on for years about optimizing marketing for mobile, and it’s one of the rare digital predictions that has superseded expectations.

The rapid rise of smartphone tech means that people are shopping more on their mobiles, searches for businesses and generally asking every question under the sun.

Your business can’t afford to rest on its laurels when it comes to mobile marketing, but there are still many brands that are failing to meet consumer expectations and take advantage of real-time, relevant mobile experiences.

One of the best ways to bring about more investment is to create data-driven personalisation for your customers – so how can DOWO help you do this?

Easy and Convenient

For starters, it’s essential that your business is set up and optimized for mobile search. A fast loading mobile experience is the difference between someone staying on your site, or getting frustrated and trying another business instead. Customers are expecting a fast, simple and easy search experience – there’s no point investing in a whole load of content along the customer journey if your audience falls at the first hurdle because your site is slow and clunky.

Optimise content for SEO and think about the different ways people search on their phone – keywords and phrases will be different. Take voice search into account too ad closely monitor how customers are finding your products and how they’re searching so you can create your content accordingly. I.e voice search is more likely to be local-based than text-related, so make sure your business details are up-to-date.

Get Obsessed with your Customer

Digging deep and learning as much as possible about your customers is a must! When it’s appropriate, try and generate feedback from your customers to learn what they enjoyed about their experience with your business – encourage reviews, feedback forms, focus groups etc. It should be your customer that essentially directs your marketing, instead of your own pre-conceptions about what they want.

Customers rarely share their phones with other people, so it’s the most personalised experience you can have with them and a direct way to get in front of your audience with hypertargeting campaigns. Personalising marketing as much as possible, using smart touchpoints and valuable content can drive engagement and create loyal customers.

Data, data, data

Share real-time data with your team about your customers, so you can work on delivering marketing with geo-targeted and time-sensitive messaging. For example, being able to intelligently harness user’s browsing history and previous site behaviour means that you can work on providing them with tips and suggestions for products that might interest them or give them an opportunity to enjoy loyalty bonuses because of their previous history with your brand.

Using data in a smart way allows you to map the customer journey and make it an enjoyable experience. Journeys are unpredictable and they’re not always carried out in the same way, so try to be creative in the ways you think about customer intentions and create meaningful interesting content and interactions at different entry-points.

It’s never been more important to deliver customer-centric and personalised mobile experiences. Get in touch with our team today to learn more and see how we can help.