Christmas Time, Mistletoe and… Multi-Channel Marketing in 2017

Yep, 2017 is in the title – how is it that time of year already?

2016’s been an interesting year to say the least and the same goes for the world of marketing. There have been loads of announcements that have impacted digital marketers and their marketing strategy for the variety of channels they use.

So, what’s in store for 2017 and how have the 2016 multi-channel marketing developments shaken things up?

Here are a few ideas:

Mobile Search is dominating

There have been loads of updates this year that have indicated just how much mobile search is dominating the digital scene.

  • Google tweaked its mobile-ranking system, so sites with poor mobile optimisation are affected in search results in order to make them more responsive.
  • The separate mobile search index announcement we talked about last month, which is going to see Google’s mobile index splitting from its desktop index and becoming the primary index.

Both of these key developments show that brands need to increase their mobile marketing budget for 2017 if they haven’t already and work on greater mobile optimization.

Visual Social Media Platforms are killing it

Instagram is leading the field when it comes to the growth in followers brands can expect to see when they use the platform well. On average a 6-8% increase in followers every month in fact.

Visual social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Pinterest are better at hosting visual content like video, gifs and images than traditional text based platforms. The likes of Facebook and Twitter are trying to play catch up and implement more multimedia, like Facebook’s Live Video feature.

Brands can reach out to younger demographics that are used to and more engaged by visually lead content. Visual content also gives brands the chance to get more creative and show off their personality. In 2017, consumers will continue looking for interesting, interactive brands.

Social Media isn’t just about Brand Awareness

We know social media platforms are a great way to show your brand’s identity and build awareness, but they’re also increasingly prioritising their role as conversion tools and being integrated with ecommerce strategy.

Platforms are combining their social aspect with ecommerce features. Facebook Marketplace is just one example of this connection. ‘Social’ networks are shifting the perspective of users towards a buying frame of mind – this could have a huge impression on mobile, ecommerce, marketing and advertising strategy and spend in 2017.

There you have it, a few ideas to think about and investigate before 2017 hits us. Having an effective presence and marketing strategy that involves multiple channels is more important than ever.