Get the Most out of a Small Marketing Budget

Naturally, everyone’s looking to increase sales and try to get back to a level of normality at the moment. The chances are that whatever industry you’re in, you’ll have been affected by covid-19 and the knock-on effect it’s had on buying habits and behaviours.

With this in mind, your marketing budget might not be what it was and you’re having to make it work for you in smarter ways and think about trying something different in your marketing and social campaigns.

Getting the most value from the money you put in is more important than ever:

Quality Content

Even if your budget is small, if you take the time to create good copy and strong visuals, your campaigns can pack just as much of a punch as a campaign with a bigger budget. Focus on maximizing the quality of your campaign, so don’t send out any old content – get opinions on whether it works or looks good from others, as sometimes it’s hard to be objective about your own campaigns.

Be honest about the quality; does your content deliver value, what are your audience gaining from it, what info are you delivering and is it memorable?

Spot-on Targeting

It’s more important than ever for your paid advertising to be targeted in the right place and at the right time. Who’s your campaign for and what’s your aim – do you want email sign-ups, people to use a discount, brand awareness?

Tweak your targeting based on the data you’ve got, using keyword research, location info. With a smaller budget, it’s better to target at fewer people with a more likely chance of conversion, instead of a bigger cohort of potential customers.

If you can’t afford multi-channel campaigns then pick the most successful for your business and where your audience spends the most amount of time. But ensure that you keep consistent organic posts on other platforms, so that whatever platform your customers return to or see you on again, the messaging is up-to date.

Don’t make it Difficult

Don’t make your audience have to work hard to access exclusive offers or even just to visit your website, buy or find important information. Make sure your essential contact information is easy to find across social platforms, if your info isn’t up-to-date then it’ll be more difficult to convert paid social ads into website traffic.

Monitor the performance and engagement of your campaign constantly so you can make tweaks and changes if you need to. Which content is performing best on your socials, which channels are driving the most traffic to your website and is it worth having multi-channel campaigns?

Make it as easy as possible for people to contact you or buy from your website – your social platforms are integral in this, ensure they’re doing the work for customers instead of the other way around. Keep on top of comments, direct messages and any questions from potential customers looking for more info.

For any tips and advice on your campaigns or if you want DOWO to take care of it for you then get in touch.