Grabbing Attention in an Inbox

Ever thought about how many emails are sent every day? Well, spoiler alert: it’s a lot. A couple of hundred billion are sent every day, which is a crazy statistic, but not really surprising. So, your business is up against a lot of competition to grab people’s attention in their inbox.

Every time you send an email to your customers, you have to try and wrestle their attention away from other emails and whatever else they’re looking to do on their phone. It’s a tough ask and it won’t always be possible, but you can follow some tips to put your emails in the best position possible to be opened by your customers.

So, how can your business’ emails stand out from the rest?

Think Outside the Box

Customers get bombarded with emails at similar times of the day and year, especially when they’re seasonal or related to certain industry trends. It’s worth thinking about sending your emails at times of the day or odd times when other competitors might not be. For example, not sending emails right on the hour. You can also track when other businesses send their emails and send your own at different times to them

Do some A/B testing an experiment with the times that you send your emails to check on open rates and find when works best for your audience.


It’s important to check what your emails look like when they land in an inbox. For example, your subject line might cut off at a crucial point and customers won’t be able to tell what you’re telling them about and won’t be easy to read. Your pre-header shouldn’t get cut off either and both your subject heading and pre-header should work together. Client inboxes work in different ways, so they can display email content differently, so you need to test out what your email headings are going to look like.

Testing Subject Lines

Most people will decide whether to open the emails you send or not based on the email subject line, so getting them alone the right lines is a big plus for your business. Try to keep things fresh and change the types of lines you send out each week. But once again, test out your email subject lines – you can try out funny, quirky, descriptive, personal, intriguing etc to see what lands with your audiences and the type of content they will interact with. It all depends on your industry and whether it’s appropriate or not, but you’ll have a good idea the type of content that your audience like already from other communications you send them.


Personalising email subject headings for customers is always a good way to grab their attention. Obviously names are the first thing to think of, but you can go beyond this and use demographic personalisation to cater emails that’ll be of interest with local offers. You can use behavioural data around abandoned baskets etc to try and prompt customers to return. 

For any extra tips around marketing your business and getting in front of your customers, get in touch with DOWO today, we’d love to chat.