Improving Customer Experience through Good Communication

Good products and services are essential for any successful business, but in 2022, customers are often looking for something extra so that they can differentiate between the vast number of options out there. Enhancing the experience customers enjoy with your business can be the difference between them choosing your product or not and crucially, whether they come back and buy again. HubSpot research shows that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service – huge!

So, long story short, it’s well worth looking on making small improvements to impress your customers and keep them coming back. Let’s look at how.


Personalising your communication to your customers is a great way to start building a connection with them and making you stand out from your competitors. From segmented email campaigns with simple things like personalising an email subject line or sending an annual happy birthday email, you can make a customer base feel more included and feel seen and valued by your business. And you can put in even more personalised content tailored to customers when certain thresholds are met i.e number of items bought etc.

Your overall marketing, content and tone of voice will all sound more personable to your audience, which will make you appear more accessible to them.


You’d be surprised how many businesses get the basics wrong, but being helpful, timely and useful to your customers can stand you in good stead moving forward. For example, when despatching a product a customer has bought, it’s really important that your email touchpoints are up-to-date or exist at all! Keeping your customers in the loop so they can organise their schedule around a delivery and know what’s going on and when is much appreciated. Smart email marketing programs can help you to easily do this.


Delivering relevant and valuable content to your customers can help to introduce them to your business and give them some extra detail about products and services. You don’t want to bombard your customers with useless content that ends up annoying them due to frequency and irrelevance, so try to stay on message and come up with fun and engaging content ideas to keep them interested and entertained. This is all part of a wider personalisation strategy, where you monitor and learn from the types of content your customers are enjoying.


Talking to your customers in an authentic way and actually treating them like human beings goes a long way in creating a positive customer experience. Customers don’t like to be patronised or ill-informed about anything in their customer journey, so being authentic and keeping them informed is a really basic and impactful way to communicate. It’s the same with your tone of voice across your business – if it doesn’t come naturally to you or you’re using language that doesn’t quite fit then sticking to what you know best and being authentic can be the best course of action.

For more advice and information about customer experiences and how to enhance them, get in touch with our team at DOWO today, we’d love to help.