Why Your Brand needs to think about Digital before anything else

We live in a cut-throat world, where brands can disappear and disappoint if they don’t adapt; it’s pretty much survival of the fittest out there and it can get messy. Think Game of Thrones, with more smartphones. Basically, your brand needs to be thinking about digital all of the time and be a bit obsessed with it if it wants to survive and thrive. Yeah, you’ve got a website, that’s all well and good, but you need to do more. Think digital first and throw out old 20th century, linear approaches to building a brand.

What do your Customers see?

There are so many ways people can reach your website and access your product. You have to ensure that their experience with your brand is a good one however they access it. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design then you can lose customers. Ensure your website’s optimized for smartphones and tablets; otherwise if people have a bad user experience, you’ll lose sales and leads.

Digital channels allow your brand to interact with customers in new and exciting ways and for your brand to appear more human. What will your customers think when they interact with your brand on Social media? Work on your brand story and try to put personality into every channel your brand exists on. Tools like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live Video let your brand let its hair down and show its fun side Think about how to make an impression on everyone that interacts with your brand.

Brand Story

Digital is the perfect place for you to put forward a credible, exciting brand story for your potential customers to buy into. Make sure you know everything exactly what you want your brand to be and what its values are, otherwise your customers aren’t going to get it. If everyone you work with is invested in your brand’s vision too then it’s easier to get this across in all of your communications, touch-points and to customers whenever and however they access your brand. Thinking digital first gives your brand clarity from the very beginning.

Be Flexible

The amount of digital platforms out there can be overwhelming, but it also gives your brand a great opportunity to change and improve, instead of staying the same and not being inventive. You’ll find it easier to adapt and stay flexible in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Be changeable with how your brand interacts on certain digital platforms or the type of content it produces. You can do this by carefully analysing customer interactions and successful campaigns.

Data is your Friend

Being digital first means that you can access much more accurate customer insights and information about behaviours than ever before. Use this to your advantage and experiment, analyse, research and most importantly act. If something isn’t working then tweak it, innovate and come up with new ideas.

Think digital first and your brand will never come last.