4 Email Marketing Tips for 2022

Trying to generate new business but not sure why things aren’t clicking? Maybe it’s time to do a little overhaul of the type of email content you send out to your customers. It might not need massive changes, just some tweaks here and there, with some inventive new ideas to shake things up a bit.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas you could incorporate in your email marketing strategy that will appeal to your customers:


Before you send out a campaign, it’s important to asset what exactly you want your email to achieve. Why are you sending this and what do you want your email to do? If you have clarity around your reasoning and the purpose of the email then you’ll be able to measure whether it’s done this successfully or not.

It might be that you want your customers to fill out a survey, signpost them towards a specific webpage, or get them to engage with some content you’ve created. There are all types of reasons, but if your intentions are clear beforehand then you can create better content in your campaign to drive the results you’re looking for and measure success.


The quality of data that you can collect about your customers, aligned with GDPR regulations of course, can help you to understand more about the type of email marketing content they enjoy or are more likely to engage with. What type of content do certain demographics engage with more than others, what times do users interact with email marketing the most frequently – the more data you have about different customer groups’ behaviours, the better you’ll be at segmenting and catering specific content for specific user groups.

Content and Design

Play around with the types of content and design methods you use in your email marketing campaigns. If customers open a really cluttered and ill-designed email then they’re less likely to do it again, as it’s just not an enjoyable experience. It means that you’re not able to get across what you want your email to do and your customer has no idea what you wanted them to do either. Try different formats and content types and A/B test to see what people are engaging with.

Or if you’re not sure, ask someone for a hand (hey! Get in touch with us at DOWO)


Leading on from content and design, it’s essential that you make sure your email marketing campaigns work across devices, as you can’t know what device someone will read your email on or what email client they’re using. A bad user experience will put them off opening an email again. Make sure everything’s set-up properly, test and you have the correct configuration.

Email marketing is exciting and one of the best ways to market to your customers. Be brave, innovative and clear – the results are worth it. If you need help with your own campaigns and want to make the most of email marketing, get in touch!