Christmas Marketing Ideas in Covid-19

Christmas is fast approaching and with the UK in another lockdown, businesses need to throw more resources and effort into their ecommerce than ever before!

Lots of businesses make their most profit during the run-up to Christmas, so having a month of physical sales taken out of the equation means that it’s time to ramp-up the online marketing if you haven’t been already.

There’s still plenty of time to come up with some savvy marketing ideas to help boost your online sales – let’s take a look at some:

Festive Email Campaign

We know you probably have to use a lot of the same Christmas puns every year and it’s difficult to come up with new ones, but after the year we’ve had, the more the merrier!

And what better place to scatter them all than in a festive email campaign…especially in your email headings. Email is still one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention and engage with likely buyers.

Your subscribers are interested in your brand, by default, so a good email campaign is about capitalising on this.

Everyone’s looking for a bargain around Christmas time, especially this year, so if you can tempt your audience with some discounts and deals, you’re more likely to get good click-through rates. Build on your relationship with your audience, why not come up with a 12 days of Christmas campaign – whatever you do, make it festive and make it fun!

Winter Website Wonderland

When you’re going to be pushing as many customers towards your website as possible, you’ve got to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

Optimize your website for online sales especially on mobile: your website has to be easy to navigate, keep customers on-board and ensure they find what they’re looking for. Put your popular sellers front and centre and show recommendations for other products. You can use remarketing to target users with ads for products they’ve looked at before and use seasonal keywords on your product pages to target festive shoppers.

Christmas Cards

Whether you opt for physical cards or e-cards, sending a little reminder that you’re still around and ready to help with Christmas gifts is a good idea. An e-card sent out to previous customers or email subscribers is a cute little way to show your appreciation and gratitude to your customers or even to link up with a charity and show your work in the community.

Loyalty is important to customers, aswell as personalisation, so if you can send an e-card with a nice discount or deal on it, it’s a cost-effective way to boost sales in the runup to Christmas.

If you want to go even further, mailing out personalised gifts to your best customers can be a savvy way to cement and lock-in loyal customers.


Hosting regular festive giveaways and sharing as much as possible on the social media platforms your business is on is a great way to gain some traction. If you come up with a competition or giveaway that requires people to share posts and content, you’ve got a simple way to increase engagement and get infront of new potential customers.

Combine competitions with a good social media ad campaign and use your best festive videos, GIFs and images to grab attention and make sure you capitalise on trending topics and festive hashtags to get infront of as many people as possible!

High-value products can encourage a heap of leads and awareness!

If you need a hand with any festive marketing ideas, get in touch with DOWO.