Don’t Overlook Text Message Marketing

Customer acquisition costs can rack up – converted your leads is a costly business and spending money doesn’t necessarily equal success.

It’s a marketing minefield.

Nurturing sales and leads is all well and good and can be successful, depending on an array of factors. But sometimes, compressing the time taken in the lead conversion process can lead to quicker sales.

And a method that’s often seen as unfashionable or outdated but can be really effective for open rates and engagement is text message marketing.

Business Texts

Yeah ok, so apparently no one really texts anymore, apart from your mum, but that’s not to say that people don’t still read texts when they do. They’re fast, direct and get straight in front of a customer, so if you’ve got a discount, deal or new product to market, you can do a lot worse than send a business text.

Wait, before you do though, you have to make sure you’ve got permission, when people sign up to hear more from you, give them a choice about whether they receive text comms. Provide a link to your privacy policy and make it easy to opt-out if they want to, it’s the law!

Texts that are received generate more of a fanfare on a smartphone, because it’s the handsets foundational form of communication, before you download any other messaging apps.

There’s even talk that texts get a 98% open rate, which makes you wonder why on earth not as many businesses don’t use text comms. Especially considering most people are glued to their smartphones now and mobile marketing is super important. One answer as messaging is seen as more private and it can be more intrusive than emails. One glance is all it takes to hook a customer with a savvy text headline though.

Calculate Your Costs

Advertising costs can quickly top up and the amount you’re spending to turn leads into buyers across a number of different platforms and in lots of different ways can get expensive. You can experiment with your marketing funnel and do a bit of experimentation to see whether sending a business text will give you better results than some of the other methods you’re using.

It’s relatively cheap to send text message campaigns, so it’s well-worth playing around with to see whether it works better for some products, customer profiles and demographics, instead of an email marketing campaign.

Carry out constant testing.

Short and Sweet

One of the blessings of an SMS message is you’ve got a limited number of characters to play with before you’re charged for multiple messages, so you can send really concise messages that get straight to the point. It means that you won’t be able to waffle on and you can deliver the essential information that’s needed for customers to understand the deal you’re offering.

Customers will be able to grasp what you’re trying to say quicker and access the message faster than a lot of other forms of marketing communication.

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