How to Win back a Customer’s Attention with Email Marketing

Email offers your business one of its best ROI rates when it comes to marketing. For relatively small spend, you can launch campaigns that get directly in front of customers and gain lots of data insight from results.

That’s why it’s really important that you’re creating savvy campaigns and making the most of the attention you can hold in an inbox for a few seconds. If you’re not creating valuable, relevant email content then your subscribers won’t engage or worst scenario, will unsubscribe. A customer email address is an incredibly valuable commodity, so make good use of it!

So, how can you win back waning attention?


Offering your customers a reason to open your email is always a good shout! Incentives in the form of discounts and offers will make it more likely that they’ll engage with your content because there’s something in it for them e.g a free delivery or an exclusive offer – it’s basic psychology.

Coming up with some persuasive offers to win back a customer base can let you introduce new products, show off new features and generally work towards a better relationship and boosted loyalty with your brand.

Humour and TOV

The tone of voice in your email marketing content can go a long way towards increasing your open rate. If people genuinely enjoy reading your emails and find something funny, useful or valuable, you’re onto a winner. Using appropriate humour (if it makes sense for your business) is a great place to start and makes your business more endearing a bit more human.

When your content is super formal, it can make it more difficult for customers to relate to your business and generally, people like breaking up the rest of their inbox with funny content, so if you can stand out in this way then go for it.

Personalizing your email content more by looking at your data can help you tempt people through humour too.

Good Design

Opening an email shouldn’t be a stressful experience but if the user design of your emails is shoddy and all over the place then you can bet people will click the x before you know it. Designing your email with a user in mind is lesson number one. Most people will be opening your email on their smartphone, so test out and think about how it’s going to look on a phone – don’t bombard customers with text and make it easy and clear to see what your email is offering.

If you’re not too sure what’s effective or not, do some A/B testing and try to find patterns and trends in what email designs people are opening more or interacting more with. You can then collect your findings and tailor your email content towards what your customers want, instead of what you think they want to see.

Customers have to be able to grasp what your call to action is, but if they can’t see it or there’s too much waffle beforehand, it’ll be tougher to cut through.

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