The Internet is an energy hungry beast, using approx. 10% of the worlds electricity consumption! At DOWO we want to do our bit to reduce that, and we’re committed to making sure our corner of the web is as green as can be.

100% Green Power

Our server operations are powered entirely by renewable energy. We use Ofgem regulated 100% renewable energy from E.ON; one of the leading renewable generators in the UK to power our super efficient data centre, with a PUE of 1.2.

Tree Planting

We invest in reforestation project across the globe (and in the UK), working with our amazing partners ecologi. As well as our regular commitments we plant a tree for each and every invoice paid, so by using DOWO you’re helping the environment too!

Our Green Commitment

We’ve commited to being as green as possible, and offseting more carbon than we consume every single month. In addition we’re working towards becoming truly carbon negative by “paying back” more carbon than we have consumed since we were founded.

Visit the DOWO Forest to see the trees we’ve planted and carbon projects we’ve supported.


Running the internet takes a lot of electricity (10% of the entire worlds consumption) to keep all the servers, data stores and networking equipment powered up, and the same again to keep them all cool. To generate much of this electricity, fossil fuels such as coal and gas are normally burned.

Here at DOWO Digital, we’re keeping our little corner of the web greener!

Using one of our web hosting plans, your web site will be just about as green as it can be! Our primary UK data centre, is hosted at Gyron, and is 100% powered by electricity generated from renewable sources. Not a single watt of power comes from burning fossil fuel.

Not only do our servers hum along on renewable energy but also the facility uses as little electricity as possible to keep everything fully functional by highly efficient design. Hot air expelled from the servers is contained and directly extracted from the building, meaning the cooling systems can operate much more efficiently. The super-efficient water-based chillers additionally use ‘free cooling’ technology when possible: outside cooler air is pumped through the cooling system rather than wasting electrical energy by keeping the chillers running at full-speed.


With affordable hosting packages and free website transfers, we’re sure the team here at DOWO can meet your hosting needs. Click below to get started with us.