Graphic Design

Graphic design is all around us and is part of everything from road signs to magazines, business cards to packaging. These are all designed to communicate a message to the reader in a way to cause a reaction. This could be emotional or transactional. Our team of creative experts can help you understand what you are trying to communicate and what medium is going to be best.


Thought they were all the same thing? They aren’t. They are all closely related and need to work in harmony to portray your business in the best way possible to your customers and future customers. Your logo identifies your business in the most simple way of an icon or mark. Your branding incorporates all your visual output and helps form your overall brand. Your brand can be defined as “The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.”
Getting your logo, branding and identity right is what our graphic design team thrive on. DOWO Digital want to make your business look good!


We love digital media, but we also love the more traditional graphical ways of communicating. Our portfolio for print includes everything from corporate literature and press advertising through to outdoor and event materials. Flyers, stationary, posters, advertising, business cards etc.

We have also developed close partnerships with a network of trusted print suppliers in the UK and beyond. That means we can help get your printing done to the best quality in a timely manner.


No one likes ‘Death by Powerpoint’ The same goes for corporate documents that requires important information to be communicated in an engaging way that makes an impact. Annual Reports, Information Memorandums, Roadshow presentations, Corporate Powerpoint templates.

Get in touch if you need some creativity and impact in your presentation or business documents and reports.


Our creative thinking starts with careful observation of the design problem combined with considered analysis of how things work and fail within the current design system. This preparation and research phase is vitally important to give us the best platform and allow the inspiration to flow.

Uninhibited and characterised by spontaneity, experimentation, intuition, and risk-taking. We generate innovate ideas to meet specific needs by actively searching for associations among concepts. There are many specific techniques that we can use to make these associations; for example, analogies, branching out from a given concept, using a random word, classic brainstorming/mind mapping, and so on. The choice of technique is not important; making the effort to actively search for associations is what is key.

Idea development is the next stage in our process. We harvest the best ideas from the inspiration phase and further enhance our ideas before we subject them to a final, practical evaluation. The choice of ideas to take into this stage is closely linked to the original brief and scope of works to make sure that this achieves the project goals.

Ideas developed have no value until we put in the work to implement them. Whether this is implementing a new brand identity across an organisation or a new website to provide enhanced visual communication our process culminates in the solution being implemented.

Our team thrives on new projects and challenges. Lets get started.