Managing Director of MK27 Fitness; Max Kisseh, approached DOWO Digital to come alongside his already booming fitness business to help develop a new platform for online coaching.

Working collaboratively with Max we discovered the desire for greater exposure of Max’s unique & energetic style of fitness and coaching and a place for clients to access their plans & the complete MK27 Fitness experience.  We provided strategic guidance on social media management and advertising during this consultation period.

DOWO Digital set about delivering a new website. This included a client area for his online coaching courses, video libraries, admin area for the MK27 Fitness team to manage the many clients and products that they offer. We also built in WooCommerce for an online shop to showcase Max’s partner sportswear products.

The MK27 Fitness website is now a fully fledged platform for managing the new MK27 Fitness online courses. Alongside this Max has grown in less than a year a following of over 11,000 followers on Instagram based on our strategic advice.

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