Decoration or Design?

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration

Decoration is great and it serves a purpose, like birthday or Christmas decorations. They quickly become annoying and dated after a short period of time and don’t serve the purpose that they were intended for.  If your website has great design and looks fantastic then I applaud you.  There are too many terrible websites in the world. The problem comes when your beautifully designed website has no real thought about the content that appear in there. I’m looking at you with the off the shelf website theme!

Content is shoe horned into the theme areas and with the best intentions the content now becomes secondary to the design.   As soon as this happens we have decoration.  Decoration can be enticing but to provide the best possible journey for your customers and all importantly convert those journeys into leads, it requires a well thought out design based on the content.

Great content is a very important part of your digital strategy.  As search engines get smarter they will no longer be engines but places to ‘Experience’ the web via the content that is served up. You want that content to be yours! The only way that this will happen is quality, well thought out content of varying styles to engage, entertain and educate.

If you can do one of the above 3 E’s then you are better placed for your content to be served by Google and Bing but also create content that people want to consume and share.

Content comes in many different forms.  From your website copy to blogging, videos to infographics there are many ways to create content and it requires careful planning, time and investment.  If you aren’t the creative type and struggle to come up with new ways of engaging, entertaining or educating your target market then I would suggest getting in touch with a marketing agency or solutions company that you trust who can partner with you to drive this forward.