Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising allows you to target the right person at the right time with the right message. With over 1 billion daily active users you can instantly reach new customers across devices and powerful targeting ensures you are only reaching those users who would be your ideal customer.

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Social Media Ad Creatives

Facebook is a content crowded place where users continually scroll, ignoring much of what they see. Your ads need to be engaging, eye catching and relevant in order to get website clicks, likes, comments or shares. A great ad can make or break a campaign simply by the amount of traffic it generates. Our Facebook packages receive professionally written ad copy and banner design.

Interest Based Targeting

This is extremely useful for branding and mass awareness. We build a profile of your ideal customer and use Facebook audience, behaviour and demographic targeting to advertise to people who meets these requirements. For example a party planner may target ‘females between 26 – 35’ in Manchester who are recently engaged, or have an upcoming ‘life event’. This allows you to specifically refine who will be shown your adverts.

Look-A-Like Audience Targeting

Utilising Facebook’s powerful user engine we can build a look-a-like audience’s to target our adverts to. These will be users who are similar to specific audiences that we determine to Facebook. We can utilise your own customer data with email lists or build our own via the Facebook pixel that tracks customers interactions on your website. Facebook then uses this data and matches to audiences that are similar for us to target.

Facebook Lead Adverts

Facebook has recognised the importance of lead generation to its advertisers. More importantly it offers them a way to generate leads WITH NO WEBSITE! Facebook lead ads simply engage users in the same way and provide a simple form fill allowing advertisers to download a simple spreadsheet containing the details of all the leads collected. Great for things like call back requests, brochure requests and events.

Visitor Based Re-Targeting

Feel like you are being followed around the internet? Well although you make the effort to attract new prospects to your website unfortunately most do not convert into customers. Do you give up? No! Well we use Facebook adverts to help you re-target those people who have visited certain parts of your website. We remind them of your products/services and entice them to come back and purchase!

Email List Re-Targeting

Got a database of customers? A newsletter full of email addresses? Well if you are a business with a decent size list of old customer email records our Facebook agency can use that golden list and re-target those people to help up sell, cross sell and re-engage them. Seriously powerful, when combined with look-a-like Audiences.


  • “Excellent, friendly service and they really delivered on the results. Definite thumbs up from myself and the whole team @ BM Artists”Brendan Mills (BM Artists)
  • “DOWO Digital completely transformed our digital marketing strategy, enabling us to accelerate growth and become the top selling estate agent in Tameside.”John Grantham (Home Estate Agents)
  • “DOWO Digital have become our long term partners. They designed the branding, packaging, developed our website and manage our whole digital marketing strategy. It has helped us grow into over 26 countries!”Colum Makin (Global CEO Albee Virtuosa)



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