4 Creative Retargeting Ideas

Retargeting gives you the chance to target ads at people who have already visited your site and it’s still a really effective form of marketing, according to WordStream, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to be clicked on a standard display ad. 

But that doesn’t mean that businesses should rest on their laurels and not put in the design/copy effort when it comes to a good ad. With a bit more attention and thought behind your ads, you can generate even more success from re-targeting ads.

We’ve put together some tips for creative ads, but if you need a hand with retargeting, give our team at DOWO a shout.

  1. Products People are Interested in

One of the most effective ways to put together a retargeting advert is to automatically feature products that a potential customer has looked at before on your website. You’re already going to be using products that are familiar and that a user has some sort of legacy connection with. 

Tempting people with products they’ve viewed can remind them about them and encourage users to return and convert. 

It doesn’t have to be items they’ve specifically viewed either, you can present them with products that you think they might be interested in.

  1. Time Sensitive Copy

Using copy to prompt urgency with potential customers is a good strategy. ‘Last minute deals’ and ‘only 1 hour left!’ are just a couple of examples of time-sensitive copy you can use to push customers towards a product. 

It plays on the FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling that we all have from time to time and can urge people to take the plunge, because they haven’t got a long window to decide in. Ads that up the ante puts that extra pressure on a buyer can be very persuasive and lead them to make a decision quicker.

  1. Offers and Incentives

Teaming an ad with the offer of a discount or free shipping can be that extra temptation to turn a potential customer into a sale. Comparison shopping is common practice now with shoppers, who will find a product and then scour the internet for a cheaper price. 

It makes for an incredibly competitive marketplace. Someone might love your products and that’s why they’ve landed on your site, but they’ve then gone on to look at other sites. To stand out from the crowd and intercept comparison shopping habits, you can offer a reduction in price or a discounted offer to bring a potential customer back or decrease the chance that they’ll buy from another site.

  1. Encourage a Completed Purchase

Lots of online shoppers fall at the final hurdle and fail to complete their purchase, even if there’s still items in their shopping basket. Retargeting that reminds people they didn’t complete the purchase or how many items are in their basket can reengage them and prompt them to return and complete the purchase.

Sometimes all it takes is for buyers to sleep on a decision or leave it for a few hours and then they’re ready to come back and complete a purchase when you’ve caught them in a different mood.

For more info and advice and retargeting, contact our team today.