How to Improve Conversion at Christmas

Yes, Christmas is finally upon us. Mariah Carey songs are playing on loop, chain-eating pigs in blankets is acceptable and festive jumpers are mandatory.

More shoppers than ever are opting to do part of, or all of their Christmas shopping online to avoid the crowds, which means it’s more competitive than ever for businesses that sell online.

Christmas is always an important time of the year for small businesses, so how can you improve Christmas conversion rates?

Clear Christmas Delivery Dates

As it gets closer and closer to Christmas, the panic sets in and people scour online stores for gift ideas. It’s really important that you’re upfront with delivery times and capabilities.

Providing clarity and clearly showing Christmas delivery times on your site can give you an advantage over sellers that might not be able to deliver before Christmas.

Having prominent delivery info can give buyers confidence in your brand and you can show them the options available to them.

Delivery Incentives

We’ve all been there, you think you’ve found a gift within your budget and then you’re hit with an extra few pounds on top for the delivery fee. This can make you contemplate nipping into town to get it and side-step the extra cost.

Because lots of shoppers compare and contrast the prices they can get for certain products online, giving incentives for them to choose your business can ensure they pick your business. Offering free delivery can pique the interest of buyers that are struggling for cash or looking for a bargain.

Product Bundles

Promoting a range of 3-2s and multiple deals can be a really good way to convert potential customers into paying customers. People are looking for something special, so putting together products in gift-sets can be a great way to upsell.

Make sure you make these types of deals prominent on your home pages. You can allow buyers to pick and choose what’s in their multiple deals too to give them extra options.

Gift Cards

Offering gift cards to customers can be a really savvy way to make extra sales for your business at Christmas too. Buyers might be indecisive or unsure about what products to buy, but gift cards remove that extra decision-making and make it easier to grab something quickly. You can send it directly to them or the recipient and put it in an attractive card.


You can completely capitalise on the sense of Christmas-buying panic by using some tactics to prompt urgency with your customers. Something quite simple like having a big countdown clock til your final Christmas delivery dates can work like a charm! You can also show people how many other people are looking at the same product as them or how many of the same item has been sold to show it’s in high-demand. No-one wants to lose out, especially at Christmas time!

For any more advice and tips to do with conversion rates for your business, give our team at DOWO a shout and we can give you a hand.