Content Marketing During Coronavirus

We’re living through unprecedented times and everyone here at DOWO hopes that you’re taking care and are as well as can be expected in such a pressing period!

What started as a public health issue has turned into an economic issue too, which means lots of businesses have been affected by the lockdown in place.

So, what can businesses do in terms of online marketing to cope with the current situation? We’ve put together some content marketing tips that we think you can use to adapt to this weird new normal, offer value and keep customers informed and engaged.


If you haven’t already, then checking out what the government are offering in terms of financial support packages for businesses is obviously in your interest.

But aside from government intervention, quite a few tech companies out there are offering their own free or discounted resources for businesses that can help with your content marketing during this time.

It’s a great time to try out new content creation methods like live-streaming etc, so well-worth experimenting with new ways of connecting with your customers, new audiences and generally reaching out to people with value.

Facebook are offering free marketing in ad credits and grants for businesses, which you can use to boost your business’ visibility during this time.

And if you’re looking to produce webinars or training resources for customers then Google is making some of its premium features available.

Landing Page

A good idea is to produce a dedicated landing page for your coronavirus content during this time. If you’re creating articles, videos etc that can give customers an update on what you’re doing right now or how your service is having to change or adapt, it’s worth putting here. Make visiting this page as easy as possible for customers when they visit your website organically or through email marketing content.

It’s important to keep everyone up-to-date with what’s happening with your business, so they can make informed decisions about buying from you and continuing a relationship with the company.

Valuable Content

Sales during this time, like any other, is obviously a priority for your business, but at the moment everyone’s looking for escapism and interesting content to distract them, so if you can provide real value through your content this is a good route to go down.

With lots of people working from home or furloughed, there’s a lot of time on everyone’s hands for browsing the internet and reading content, so investing in content right now and concentrating on churning out quality content consistently can definitely pay off.

You can re-optimise older content too for new audiences.

Whether you’re making how-to-guides for people to learn new skills during a lockdown or giving some instructional advice on certain products that you sell or deep-dives into how products are make, you can provide value.

You could throw anything related to your product out the window and just create content that’s funny or entertaining and brings a smile to people’s faces – that’s valuable too!

For more marketing advice, contact DOWO today and stay safe!