Why Display Ads and Email Marketing should Work Together

Having a cohesive and consistent brand message is really important if you want your business to break through in a noisy marketplace, jam-packed full of other products.

Making sure your display ads and email marketing matches up and makes sense is a simple shift that you can make, but can have a positive impact on your leads and sales.

Customers are expecting more and more consistency, otherwise they might head elsewhere. If they see confusing messages from your brand in different places, it makes your business look disorganised.

So, how can you ensure they match up?


You need to imagine that wherever your customer is interacting with your business for the first time, you have to give them consistent and correct information. When information in an email contradicts other info you’ve put out in an advert, your message gets muddled.

Every channel that your business is visible on needs to be churning out correct info, especially to do with discounts and deals. For example, an email and a Facebook ad could both show different discount codes – a customer could pop the ‘wrong’ or outdated code in at checkout and not receive a discount. You have to rely on the fact they’ll try to find the correct code, but they might not have time or want to, so they’ll abandon their basket. You’re creating more hurdles before they buy.

Constantly check that all the info that you have everywhere and on every channel is accurate.


Making sure that your ads and emails are timed with the same intent is a good idea too. When customers abandon their basket for whatever reason, you can use a re-engagement email campaign to remind them that they didn’t purchase what’s in their basket. You can offer them a discount when they complete a sale and use time-sensitive messaging to build urgency. Emails can be scheduled to send after certain time intervals, so you can remind a customer and hopefully get them to come back and buy.

Not only that, you can make sure that you match up this timing with retargeting display ads too. While a customer is receiving the re-engagement email campaign, they can also see display ads wherever they go online to reinforce the message. You’re realigning the messaging that a potential customer’s receiving on their customer journey.


Another thing you’ve got to match up is the tone and brand voice you’re using in ads and emails. Obviously different platforms have different audiences and it’s not to say that you choose exactly the same tone with every message – but overall, your brand voice should be consistent, so that wherever a customer interacts with your brand, they’ll get the gist of what your business is all about.

Working super hard on your email marketing tone and crafting a brilliant brand voice can fall by the wayside if someone sees an odd display ad that doesn’t appeal to them or they don’t associate with your brand.

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