Does your Brand need an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

If you’re looking at new ways to generate leads and make sales, then an inbound marketing strategy could be just what your business needs.

So, what’s inbound marketing? Well, instead of traditional marketing methods that reach out to customers i.e cold calls and print ads, inbound marketing uses buyer-centric tools that aim to attract customers that are actively looking for products.

It’s essentially about making it easier for customers to find your products/services and giving them the info they need to make a purchase.

Combining inbound and outbound strategies gives your business a sound footing and allows you to create more reach.

What other reasons do you need an inbound marketing strategy?

Attracting the right customers

Being able to attract and get in front of the right customers is essential for your brand’s success. You can do this by creating brand awareness, increasing your audience reach and generating more traffic towards your social accounts and website.

There are lots of ways to do this and one of the best ways is by producing quality content that appeals to your audience and their base interests, pain points and needs. Use blogging, SEO and social media effectively. Solve problems and provide relevant info with your content strategy.

Converting your audience

Once you’ve managed to engage your audience with a variety of marketing methods, you need to encourage them to progress in their buyer journey. Converting can be any number of things, depending on your brand goals – taking action could mean signing up to an email list, sharing an article etc.

Collecting contact details and data from your audience allows you to get in touch with them and nurture your relationship. Do this with forms, CTAs and good landing pages.

Closing your deal

When you’ve generated leads with an inbound strategy, they might not necessarily be ready to make a purchase, so it’s your responsibility to encourage leads through the buyer journey with the right content, at the right time and to the right people.

This can be by creating promotional offers, visual content and tailored messaging. Deliver your offers through email marketing and automation.

Keep the relationships going

If you’ve moved your leads into the buying stage and they’ve made purchases, then you need to nurture your relationships with customers and turn them into repeat buyers. Creating loyal customers costs less than securing new customers.

Your satisfied customers can become some of your best marketing assets. Lots of business comes from referrals, testimonials, online reviews and word-of-mouth endorsements. Reward your customers and offer them seasonal offers, timely promotions and incentives to buy from you again or share their customer experiences. You can do this with surveys, engagements and personalisation.

Final word

An effective inbound strategy takes strangers, turns them into visitors, into leads, then into customers and hopefully into promoters too. If you’re convinced that your brand needs an inbound strategy then get in touch with us at DOWO and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand and improve your business in the long-run.