Key Takeaways from Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO sees digital marketers from all over the UK flock to the seaside for some sun (!), sand and SEO. The latest learnings and trends are discussed by the brightest and best in the digital marketing world.

Lots of the key movers and shakers in the industry can be found here and there are always some good takeaways to go back and implement in your own digital marketing strategy.

So, what are marketers saying at the moment? We’ve put together a few tasty takeaways:

Better Search Results

Getting good search engine rankings for your content is important if you want to draw customers to your business. A talk from Greg Gifford spoke to search marketers about the need to make marketing content more relevant, relatable and conversational.

Instead of stuffing blog posts with key search terms, creating content that’s actually useful and understandable for customers is the direction to go in. You might be doing this anyway, which is great, but the need to avoid over optimised content that ends up putting customers off is something a lot of businesses should take notice of.

This is especially true because of the RankBrain algorithm, which means Google’s AI is mimicking human behaviour better than ever before, so humanizing your content is a savvy way to go.

Keywords and Terms

Continuing with keywords – again, it’s good practice to focus on search terms that are actually relevant, instead of targeting top terms. Just because a term has high search volume, doesn’t mean it’s relevant or makes sense to use. The determination to rank as highly on search engines as possible does make sense, but content on the second and third pages of search engines also receive good levels of traffic. Especially when customers are searching for specific information, they’re likely to do detailed searches.

A strong tip is looking at your competitors and their top ranked pages to see the amount of traffic they get from certain search terms. Keywords that rank lower might be generating more traffic, so it’s more beneficial to you to target these instead of the highest-ranking terms. Analysing top ranking pages from competitors helps you to find the gaps in your keyword lists.

Don’t Overcomplicate

Dave Trott’s keynote was a refreshing dose of simplicity in a word that feels a bit mad sometimes. He spoke about the use in remembering that the customer is always the key focus. And they’ll see through a bad idea – a bad idea’s still bad, even if you’ve got a sparkling, spangled marketing plan or tech to promote it with.

Trott said that overcomplicating messages and marketing just doesn’t make sense. You want your customers to understand what you’re offering and selling. Pumping things up and using lofty language can feel like the right thing to do, but using simple language and terms isn’t ‘dumbing down’. Long words and overcomplication doesn’t make your business more intelligent. On the contrary, stripping things back to communicate products simply actually takes a lot more skill.

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