The Importance of Social Media within a Business Marketing Strategy

Today we live in a multi device multi-platform age with more people connected and sharing information on the internet than ever before.

  • 24 million daily active UK Facebook users
  • 540 million active Google+ users
  • 500 million tweets per day

Businesses cannot ignore the power and benefits that successfully utilising social media can bring.

Embracing social media is a vital part of how you should operate. Using social media can be a way of making you stand out from the crowd, impacting the way your business is represented and operates in the current market.


Social Media is a Game Changer

Gone are the days when a business could tell consumers what they want and need, through traditional media advertising (newspaper, radio, television, billboards). Your customers are now more savvy and educated than ever before. Chances are, by the time they’ve picked up the phone to make an appointment, purchase product, or enquire about a service, they already know a great deal about you.

92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

[James DeMers, Forbes]

The Ultimate Goal

We want users to go to your website, become leads and eventually new customers. By engaging in social media and creating new content, we’ll give them a reason to come back time and time again.

3 in 5 SMBs say they’ve gained new customers by using social media. 94% of SMBs who use social media use it for marketing.


The content must be interesting, relevant and socially sharable. Not necessarily focused on the brand or industry the business is in.

Don’t post tweets everyday about your industry, this won’t make you stand out. Challenge normality and post material that is more likely to be shared. This may be an engaging photo, video or tweet.


Social media is an effective way to not only create that exposure for your business online, but it’s a proven way to significantly engage with your customers, creating a community around your brand.

  • Content builds relationships
  • Content gets us talking

We all like to listen to a story so engage the customers creatively within your brand. Posts should try to do one of the following:

Entertain – Inspire – Educate – Convince