Google Maps API Changes

Google is launching a major update to its Google Maps platform from 11th June 2018, and it’s also giving it a new name: the Google Maps Platform.

This is one of the biggest changes to the platform in recent years. For developers it’s simplifying the process (combining 18 different APIs into 3!), and adding some nice new features, but for you as website owners there are 2 x key changes to continue embedding Google Maps beyond 11th June 2018:

  • You’ll need an valid maps API key
  • You’ll need Google Cloud Platform billing account

As part of this update, Google is also changing how it charges for access to these APIs. It now offers a single pricing plan with access to free support and provides developers with $200 worth of free usage each month.

If you’re unsure on how these changes affect you, and your website then please contact the DOWO Team today, and we’ll be happy to help.