Email Marketing Optimisation – 5 Handy Tips

Ever sent an email campaign and it’s absolutely flopped? No-ones opening it, no boost in sales…nothing much exciting at all. It’s happened to the best of us and we’ve all received emails we’ve deleted straight away or completely ignored.

Email marketing is still super important and a really effective way to reach your customers. You can get your messages directly to your users.

So, how can you help to safeguard your email campaigns and minimize the chances of heading straight to virtual irrelevance?

Captivating Subject Lines

The hard work starts before you’ve even written the body of your email. Your subject line is really crucial and if it’s bad then your audience won’t open your email at all, leaving your painstakingly crafted content unread.

Test, test, test. Do some A/B testing around the types of subject lines that appeal to your audience. Find the right length, level of personalisation and whether they like direct info, catchy puns, questions etc –  what can make your email stand out? An effective subject line is basically about finding a formula that works for your audience.

Distinctive Voice

Your emails have to be nice and easy to read. If your tone of voice and copywriting skills aren’t up to scratch then chances are that your audience won’t stick around. Be informative and entertaining so that you can encourage your readers to take the action you want them to.

Work on crafting your brand voice, so that it’s consistent across platforms and speaks to your audience in a way they understand and appreciate. Ditch the corporate claptrap, your customers want to be spoken to like real people.

Personal Touch

When you’re using software like MailChimp for your email campaigns, it can help you to personalise your emails. Add shortcodes and personal elements to your content – even something as basic as including a customer’s name.

And you can use the data you have to segment users, target content and send specific personalised messaging to sections of your audience.

Clean Layout

The way you layout your content can be just as important as what you say. Your email needs to look ‘nice’. Being clean, crisp and streamlined is a good way to catch attention and keep people reading.

Use bullet points, short sentences and short paragraphs to stay snappy and make content readable. Images, gifs and links can be used, but sparingly so they don’t overwhelm your page.

Mobile Friendly

More and more customers are opening emails from brands on their smartphones, so it’s integral that your emails are optimised for mobile viewing and are mobile friendly. You’ll miss out on a huge number of conversions if your emails aren’t readable or an enjoyable experience to read on a mobile device.

Ensure that your emails are easy to read on desktop and other devices like tablets too – basically, try to cover your bases and make it as simple and straightforward as possible for your audience to read your content and take action.

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