Why your ecommerce site needs good User Design

Effective user design is a really valuable asset for any ecommerce business. The way that you streamline and organise your customer’s experience on your website can have a massive impact on the leads and sales that your brand generates.

If you’ve not thought about it before, it’s well-worth investing in good user design (give DOWO a call if you need a hand!) and it can help to take your business to the next level.

Take a look at what we mean by good user design.

User design basics

Getting into the mindset of your customers and creating an experience that has the user at the forefront is the heart of user design. Creating a customer journey that takes user’s perspectives into account and builds the best way for customers to navigate your website is the key to good design.

Doing a bit of background research on your customers is important. Do some market research with surveys etc to find out what they like about websites, what sites they frequently visit and features they enjoy. Aim to design a website that makes it as easy as possible for users to get to the next stage of their customer journey. But also make sure that your site is designed in a way that’s suitable for your target audiences and aligns with their preferences.

Always keep speed, simplicity, security and trust in mind.

Support your customers, make them feel comfortable and take their emotions and intent into account.

Make it easy

Putting too many obstacles and elements of resistance in your customers’ way with make them falter. People want simple and seamless experiences online and you don’t have long to hold their attention, so making sure that they can get to where they want to and find the right info quickly is imperative.

  • Work to ensure everything displays quickly and is optimised for different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet etc)
  • Slick copy that inspires customers to take action
  • Functional features that take customers where they need to go
  • Simple and easy enough for web beginners to navigate
  • Guide your customer with clear, concise design

The user experience that you provide to customers will reflect on your brand. If they can’t access your website properly and find it difficult to find solutions and answers, they’ll believe that your whole business operation is like this.

Your website is often someone’s first impression of your brand, so you have to represent your brand and ethos in a good light. A comfortable, quality experience on your website will make users more inclined to think that every other interaction with your business will be the same.

Design takes time

There’s a lot of preparation and thought that needs to go into good user design and making changes to positioning, format and a whole load of other elements need to be considered. One thing’s for sure, you can’t neglect user experience on your website – stand out from your competitors by providing a simple, easy and speedy experience on your site and you’ll reap the benefits.

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