Why your Business should be using Green Web Hosting

Whether you’re starting your first small business or have just launched a new website, the hosting provider that you choose is crucial. You need a web hosting provider that is going to offer you the reliability and security you require, that has cutting edge technology and hardware.

Would you like to lower your business’s carbon footprint? If so, green web hosting is an excellent way to start! Green web hosting is excellent for your company’s image, and is also great for the environment. Find out how using a green hosting company can help you do your part.

You can find out more about our DOWO Digital Green Hosting here: https://www.dowo.digital/uk-web-cloud-solutions/green-hosting/

Carbon Footprint

Businesses are using the web more than they ever have before. As a result, we’re seeing a massive increase in electricity consumption by businesses. Thankfully, there is an alternative. Green web hosting allows business owners to save money with an energy efficient hosting solution.

Imagine this: you power down your computer or laptop and walk away. At the same time, the lights and other energy consuming items turn off as well. But what if that was always the case? Green web hosting allows you to be energy efficient without having to give up being connected at all times.

Our green web hosting is powered by renewable energy – it’s good for the environment, but it’s also good to cut back on your monthly energy costs. Green web hosting keeps the environment and your customers in mind and it’s a great way to show consumers that you care about your ethical and social responsibilities.


Have you ever opened a website and waited ages for it to load? No one likes that. Users want a website that loads quickly or they won’t bother sticking around. Green Web Hosting doesn’t need to compromise on speed, and at DOWO we assign far fewer accounts per server, so loading times are super-fast. This is one of the main concerns people come to us with before switching to green web hosting and we can guarantee lightening quick speeds, so that your customers can enjoy accessing your products and services as swiftly as possible.

Round-the-clock Support

Your business deserves great customer support when something goes wrong. No matter how good the server is or how robust and fault-tolerant your hosting platform is, every host experiences outages from time to time, it’s response that you receive when that happens that’s important. You don’t want to create a customer service ticket and wait for days before getting a response. The best hosting providers have people standing by 24/7 to help you out, and we’re no different. When your site goes down, you need to know that the person helping you is going to answer quickly and help resolve the problem fast, so you can get back to serving customers.

For more information about green web hosting, get in touch with our team here at DOWO, where we’ll talk you through the process and address any questions you might have about switching to a new host. We can also tell you about our 30 day Money Back Guarantee too.