Social Media Tips for your Start-Up

Social media has changed how companies interact with their customers forever. What used to be more of a quirky after-thought for businesses, has turned into the most influential way to market your business. 

It’s rare that a business doesn’t need some sort of social presence on at least one platform. So, if you’re launching a start-up, it’s worth getting to grips with where you target audience migrate online and working out how to connect with them on social media and the type of content that’ll land leads and sales.

Let’s take a look at a few simple social media tips to start off with.

Choosing the Right Platforms

Before you get started, it’s integral that you do some research into who your target audience is and where they hang out online. There’s no point outing loads of effort into your LinkedIn presence if none of your customers use the site. Think carefully about how many platforms you want to have a presence on aswell, as you don’t want to overlook some opportunities and spread yourself too thin.


What do you want to achieve on every platform that your business joins. Draw up some objectives about the business impact you’re looking to achieve, so that you can know what you’re trying to measure and whether you’ve been successful or not. 

Brand Tone

Working out the type of brand tone that your business should be using across social media platforms is really important. You want it to sound authentic, connect with your audience and be a natural fit for your business. Funny, informative, helpful – what do you want to sound like? Play around and create content that resonates with your audience and see what works.

Once you’ve done this, whoever is in charge of tour social media platforms, especially if it’s more than one person, needs to have some clear guidelines for posting and what you want your brand voice to be.


There are plenty of tools out there such as Hootsuite that can help you to keep on top of your posts, especially across platforms. You can create content calendars and schedule in your posts, so whoever is on social media duty will know what’s going on and on which day, e.g for announcements, discounts etc.


Yes, having a social media presence is positive, but you need to work hard to get good engagement. Make sure that you closely monitor your profiles and respond accordingly and in a timely way, which is really important for customer service queries. Keep track of mentions of your business, reactions and try to create content that people actively want to share and comment on.

These are just a few simple steps to help you get started with your social media presence, but if you’d like any more pointers or are interested in having someone else help you with your socials, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at DOWO for social media expertise. We can help your business to stand out online.